Women’s Guild/Rummage

Women’s Guild in depth:

Rummage SaleThe Women’s Guild has been an important fundraising group from the beginnings of the church. Currently they run the rummage sale on Saturdays from 9am until noon from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend. During the weekend, the sales are monthly, on holiday weekends. In November there is a Christmas Fair on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The group meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings to make their plans and to sort through the items that have been left in the shed. These not young women and a few men work tirelessly (yet, in truth it is tiring), to provide not only a source of income to the church, but a service to the community. They go through every bag and donate surpluses to St. Vincent de Paul and take what is unusable to the dump. Townspeople have a place to give no longer needed items an extended life in recycling them to someone else. Rummage items can go a long way in stretching the budgets of families with limited resources.

In 2018, the Women’s Guild donated $40,000 to the Building Fund, $15,00 to the general fund and put $10,000 in their Capital Endowment Fund. They also donated to the Women’s REtreat, Meals on Wheels, the Nutrition Center and the Deacons’ Fund, and paid for the yearly garbage pick-up fee. Twice a year they donate seasonal clothing to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

The Women’s Guild is always happy to welcome new members, and it should be noted many members are not affiliated with Montauk Community Church. If you are interested in learning more, contact us, we will get you the information.