Minister Rev. Bill Hoffmann (read more from Bill)

Music Director Lydia Shaternik Burns

Church Secretary Susan McDonough

Church Sexton Igor Solano

Office Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9am-2pm

Montauk Community Church 850 Montauk Hwy, Montauk NY 11954

(631)668-2022 montaukcommunitychurch@gmail.com


The Board of Deacons is made up of nine ordained men and women, elected by the congregation at its annual meeting. Deacons are responsible for the care of members, e.g. hospitality, ushers, alter flowers, coffee hour and potluck lunches, hosting funerals and memorial services, sending birthday and get-well cards, and visiting shut-ins. Deacons care for the needs of the community and offer valuable assistance to people going through difficult times. Like Elders, Deacons are required to rotate off the board for at least one year after serving two terms.Deacons generally serve for staggered three-year terms, with a third of the board elected each year. Deacons may serve two terms before being required to take at least a one year leave from the board. Our board of Deacons is comprised of nine deacons. They currently are:

Class of 2021 Kate Ryan (2) Moderator Joy Hear (1) Igor Solano (1)

Class of 2022 Vicky Mendelson (1) Jean Ruggles (2) Wendy Duryea (2)

Class of 2023 Donna Etzel (1) Fran Haak (1) vacant seat

Numbers in parenthesis indicate which term the elder is currently serving.

Session is the governing group of a congregation, made up of men and women known as Ruling Elders who have been elected and ordained by the congregation. The Session meets monthly to conduct the business of the church. The Pastor is the moderator of the Session. Elders generally serve for staggered three-year terms, with a third of the Session elected each year. Elders may serve two terms before being required to take at least a one year leave from Session. Our Session is comprised of nine elders. They currently are:Class of 2021 Jean Masin (2) Susan Raymond (1), Clerk Edna Steck (1)Class of 2022 Don Mendelson (2) Chris Herbert (1) vacant seatClass of 2023 Deb Coen (1) Iris Mitchell (2) Daz Winter (1)Numbers in parenthesis indicate which term the elder is currently serving.
Bill Hoffmann - PastorGreetings from the Montauk Community Church, a small, vibrant community of faith on the beautiful east end of Long Island. Though rooted in, and organized around, the Presbyterian tradition, we have embraced an ecumenical vision since our founding in 1928. Our members come from a rich diversity of religious backgrounds, yet we remain centered in a common desire to experience and share the love in God in Jesus Christ in relationship with one another and the world around us.When we include “Community” in our name, we do so with both an inward and outward orientation. We strive to be a caring congregation which celebrates together during times of joy and stands with one another in the midst of struggle. We seek to embody Jesus’ exhortation to love one another as we have first been loved. But from our beginnings, our focus has also looked beyond our own doors. We are a church for the whole Montauk community, seeking to be a positive and grace-filled presence among our neighbors and in partnership with the other faith communities of Montauk.So, whether you are new in town and looking for a church to call home or are just visiting for a short while and are interested in a welcoming place to worship, we invite you to join us on Sunday morning. We worship at 10:00am and enjoy a wonderful time of refreshments and fellowship afterward. We love to have children in our midst and we provide opportunities for their faith to be nurtured each Sunday.There are a host of other activities taking place each week at the church, including our famous Saturday Rummage Sale, the annual Christmas Fair, community Blood Drives, hosting a Spanish language congregation, and numerous local groups such as English and Spanish language AA, Al Anon, PTA, and others. I invite you to look through our website for more detailed information. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information about Montauk Community Church.I am glad you found your way to our website. Should you find your way to our doors, know that you will be met with open arms. I hope to see you in worship with us soon.God’s peace,Bill Hoffmann - Pastor

Sunday morning in person worship is canceled for Sunday, September 5 due to a death in Pastor Bill Hoffmann's family. Please join the streaming service from the First Presbyterian Church in East Hampton at 10am (https://www.fpceh.org/).The Wednesday evening Sunsets and Psalms service is canceled for September 1 for the same reason.
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