Montauk Community Church Wedding Policy

(download wedding registration form)

The celebration of Christian marriage in a church wedding is an occasion of great joy and excitement and, at the same time, of great significance and reverence. A wedding in a church is a service of Christian worship. When a couple marries in the church, they are affirming that marriage is more than a civil contract recognized by the state; it is also a covenant which involves not only the bride and the groom but also God and the Christian community. Therefore the decision to have a church wedding rather than a secular ceremony means that the couple affirms the religious nature of the occasion.

It is the desire and expectation of this that every wedding be a meaningful and memorable occasion. If the procedures and policies provided here are fully understood and followed, we are confident that your wedding will be a joyous, worshipful experience for you and your guests.

If you are interested in planning a wedding at the church, you must fill out a wedding registration form. You can download one here.