We are governed by nine ordained Ruling Elders who are chosen from and by the entire congregation. The minister serves as the Moderator. Governance and authority over church matters resides with these elected leaders. Elders serve a three-year term and are required to rotate of Session for at least one year after serving two terms. Session meets once a month with the possibility of special meetings being called to address an issue with an immediate concern or need. Besides leading and coordinating the work of the committees, Elders are responsible for determining Communion dates, approving baptisms, weddings, membership changes, and special services.

Class of 2021

Jean Masin (2)
Susan Raymond (1), Clerk
Edna Steck (1)

Class of 2022

(empty seat)
Don Mendelson (2)
Chris Herbert (1)

Class of 2023

Deb Coen (1)
Iris Mitchell (2)
Daz Winter (1)

Numbers in parenthesis indicate which term the elder is currently serving.