Deacons are responsible for the care of members– e.g. hospitality, ushers, alter flowers, coffee hour and potluck lunches, host funerals and memorial services, keep in touch with children on the cradle roll, send birthday and get-well cards, and do in-home visits with shut-ins. Deacons care for the needs of the community and have offer valuable assistance to people going through difficult times. The Board is made up of 9 Ordained Deacons, elected by the congregation at its annual meeting, who serve 3 year terms. Like Elders, Deacons are required to rotate of the board for at least one year after serving tow terms.

Class of 2021

Igor Solano (1)
Kate Ryan (2), Moderator
Joy Hear (1)

Class of 2022

Vicky Mendelson (1)
Jean Ruggles (2)
Wendy Duryea (2)

Class of 2023

Donna Etzel (1)
Fran Haak (1)
(empty seat)